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Amazing Books with Amazing Series: Pretty Little Liars


I always denied myself of watching Pretty Little Liars because I knew the books differentiated from the show a lot. Nevertheless, after finishing Game of Thrones, I didn't have a series to watch on a daily basis anymore. I saw Pretty Little Liars on the "Trending Now" list in Netflix and decided to give it a run... 

Well, I am hooked! Although I know that the plots and secrets are a bit different and unravel into more different ways as each episode passes, I cannot stop watching it. I am literally hooked on the life and mysteries of these 4 girls and whomever is A. The show differentiates from the books so much that I do not even know who A is on the show, as I do with the books. 

I totally recommend both the series and the books to everyone. Sara Shepard 4ever. 

(Disclaimer: photo is not mine.)

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