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Planting Flowers To Welcome Spring


The sunshine is here, the blooming flowers are here, the blistering heat is here... It can only mean one thing: spring! That's right, Spring is here and it was always my ultimate goal to plant my first flowers once spring arrived. 

I bought the dirt and pot at Dollar Tree for just for $1 each, you have to love that store. Then, I headed to Walmart which is a walking distance from Dollar Tree and I bought these lovely flowers (which I already forgot the name of, don't judge me). 

Once I got home, I got right down to transferring them onto the pot from the plastic tray they were being held in.


Once you have this stuff ready, it's really easy. (The instructions even are in the potting soil's front, which was very easy for me to follow.) You  put some inches of the potting soil into the gardening pot, then transfer the flowers from their tray to the gardening pot and then level them out and cover them accordingly with the potting soil... That's it

My beautiful flowers are now outside soaking in some sun and making my life more vibrant every time I see them. Everyone should go plant their own little flowers as a nice welcome to the hot weather and strong sun even if it can be a pain. Happy Spring! 

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