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Free Downloadable Bookmarks


I'm still obsessed with creating my own bookmarks, guys. It actually motivates me to read more now that every time I open my book to the page I last was in, my eyes meet the beauty of my customized bookmark. Yes, I may be tooting my own horn in calling my bookmarks beautiful and all of that, but someone has to try pride in them and if it's not me then who? 

I still use PicMonkey to do these and maintain the same dimensions and steps as in this post. The only difference now is that I've customized the top of the bookmarks to have designs since that's the only part that other people see when they're lodged in your book holding the last spot you were reading in.

Pinterest is a serious life saver when creating these bookmarks thanks to all the talented people that inhabit it and upload some wicked and beautiful art. Every time people ask me where I got it, I usually refer them to the person's board  that I got said art from that is on the bookmark.

These are the bookmarks I've created thus far and you can download them here. Have fun reading!
[Note: If you have trouble printing the bookmarks, see this post.]

P.S - I laminated these items with the wonderful invention that is Xyron 510 Creative Station. It does almost everything, achieving it all by changing the refills to what you want to do at the moment: create stickers, laminate things, or make magnets. It is so easy to use and very practical to fit everywhere with its size! It might be a little pricey but it is totally wort it, believe me. 

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