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How To Create Bookmarks With PicMonkey


I’ve been creating my own bookmarks these past days because the ones sold at stores are absolutely boring and I do not like them. Making my own is inexpensive and lets me do everything the way I like it. As you see, my bookmarks are monogrammed but we’ll take a different and easier route today.  

First choose what type of bookmark you'd like, either a wide one, or just the regular slim bookmark.
px: 217 x 600

px: 295 x 600

After you have chosen which size you want, go to picmonkey.com > Design > Custom

As you can see, I've chosen to do the first type of bookmark and have input the dimensions 217 x 600.
[Note: You can make the bookmark to whichever size you want, just play around with the sizes.]


Now that you've created the bookmark with your dimensions, you can now create your bookmark with whatever you want or continue with me to design a simple, easy one.
[Note: If you are to stop following through here and embark your own bookmark journey, when done save it under .png.] 

I like to look around the internet for cute stuff to put in my bookmarks. Today I got the cutest graphic from Pinterest here. Feel free to choose whichever one you like but for today I chose this one: 

(found on society6.com)

Go back to PicMonkey and on the sides, look for the cute butterfly and click on it. This opens up graphics, after this click 'Your Own', and look for the picture you got or want to add on this bookmark.

After you added your graphic on PicMonkey, it should appear on the blank canvas.

Resize your graphic and put it wherever you want, it's completely up to you.

As you can see, I've put mine at the bottom of the bookmark and resized it to be bigger than it is.


This step doesn't need much explaining since it's just a matter of putting text and customizing it the way you want. Again, you are free to put whatever you want and make your bookmark yours. If you want to make it like mine, the black font is 'Playfair' and the pink font is 'Great Vibes', both under the name 'Santa Script'. 

A very important step is the saving, for if you save it under .jpg, the bookmark will look muddled and ugly. 

Save it under .png by clicking the arrow next to the File Name and voila, you're done and good to go. You can now print it, and cut it out and have fun with your bookmark as you read.
[Note: This is very important as well, depending on the printer and computer you have, it may ignore the dimensions of the picture and print it out bigger. So when printing, look for 'Scale' and change from '100' to '70'.]

This is the end result, ladies. Super easy! You can totally ignore my tutorial and save this on your computer, the end result is the same, anyways! 

Want to learn how to make monogram bookmarks like mine? Tutorial coming later! 

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