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Hairstyles for Windy Days


The windy and cold days are back in our town, the weather not really understanding that it's time to let go and let the sun shine through. It really is fighting on it's way out, and now it has trees almost bent with the unforgiving wind. I go back to school tomorrow so I've had to devise a plan to still look fabulous while fighting the wind. 

This is the hairstyle I love the most: the sock bun
I first learned how to do this hairstyle through Pinterest, as any other hairstyle. (Pinterest has thought me everything I know of hair, believe it or not.)  It's one of my favorite for the reasons that if I am having a bad hair day, I could do this hairstyle in less than 5 minutes and look well-done and like I spent 30 minutes just on my hair. It's literally a life saver when it comes to windy days, because everything is put together and leaves nothing for the wind to push around.  

Super cute and easy:  the simple ponytail
We all know this one since we were small kids and wore this to the playground everyday. Of course, not too look to boring, I tend to wrap around a strand of hair around to hide the rubber band and curl the rest of the ponytail. Very chic and I love it. 

Intermediate level hairstyle but super cute: the french braid
I have never mastered this hairstyle on my own no matter how much I try so I've given up on sporting one of my own creating on my hair. If I ever do wear one, I have one of my friends do it for me and tie a bow on the bottom or on half of it. If you are to do this one on a windy day, remember to put your bangs back with the braid so it doesn't go into your face with all the wind.

Easiest yet: the headband 
This is literally just doing your hair whichever way you want and putting a cute headband to pull back your bangs and taking away a chance of the wind to push hair in front of your face. Super easy and no extra steps required.

Enjoy the windy days!

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