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Free Pin It Buttons + Tutorial


The latest blogging trend seems to be the Pinterest hover button over pictures, and there seems to be an unofficial competition on whom has the cutest ones. I took it upon myself to help you all this competition with this cute Pinterest buttons, and a tutorial to help you how to put them into your blog!

The goal is for your pictures to look like this when you hover over:

If you're ready to take on this blogging trend, then click here to download the free buttons I'm offering you sweet, beautiful people and let's go on with the tutorial so you can have this in your blog! 

You are now done and have a cute pin it button on your blog! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below!

All photos and artwork are © recavi. The images or documents you download in this article are free for personal use only. Please do not use them commercially. If you re-post or re-use them in any way for your site or blog, please credit my blog. If you would like to use these for any commercial projects of yours, please ask for my permission first. Thank You!

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