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DIY's for Easter

April is nearing and that means that Easter is right at our toes and we have to get right down to creating anything that can resemble a bunny. I don't know about you ladies, but Easter coming around is making my fingers itch to decorate the house and create Easter DIY's and crafts. Obviously, to Pinterest I went, and these are the best DIY's I found.

1. I loved these easy paper eggs, which is the easiest DIY I've come across and I love it. Easy and cute, I plan to hang these around the house. (via Craft and Creativity) 2. These are the cutest eggs, and I have taken it upon myself to for sure do this Easter! Simply created with rubber bands, looks like something practical and beautiful. (via Our Chocolate Shavings

3. These messages are the cutest things and I am secretely thinking of doing this craft and having it around the house on Easter day, a little Easter egg hunt that will end up with smiles and laughs due to the cute messages. (via Free People) 4. Since I'm hosting a party on Easter at my house, these would be nice to hand out with messages and good candy and some pastel confetti inside as a thank you for coming to the party. How adorable? (via Oh Happy Day)

5. Instead of flour in the eggs, how about glitter? Guests would be fabulously mad at this idea and sparkle for days as glitter is so hard to take off one's hair! (via Oh Happy Day) 6. Finally, the strawberry on top - er, the bunny on top? Celebrate on Easter! It's only fair that it's with a cake that sticks to the theme so beautifully! Love this! (via The Cake Blog)

Mmh, so many Easter DIY's, so little time. Do you guys have any interesting DIY's for this Easter?

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