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Great findings at Marshalls!


I haven’t gone shopping in what seems like forever. All my poor soul has known is the online click and receive, not getting to experience the fitting rooms, testing out of materials, going crazy over the last of the cutest top. I really did miss it, so when I took a stroll downtown to (in what seemed like forever) a store, I was very much pleased.

I went crazy over the clothes rack, finally back in my own element. I only got to browse the shoe section of the store and one rack of clothes. Even at that, I got so many bargains. It was a pretty wild day for me.
In my collection that is my closet there is now:

Michael Kors Heels

Nine West Heels

Anne Klein Sweater

Michael Kors White Business Blouse

Lauren Ralph Lauren Casual Tee

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeved Striped Blouse 

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