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My First (of hopefully many) Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix is all my dreams coming true in one box that arrives to my doorstep monthly. I mean – to be completely honest here, guys – how cool is it to be able to say I have a personal stylist? All thanks to Stitch Fix, I now feel so much cooler.
I got my Stitch Fix a day later than I was expected to which resulted in me freaking out because of the 3-day return policy. Ugh! But all was well once I came home and saw the beautiful box on my doorstep awaiting me. I instantly went upstairs to my room to try out everything.
My mother was at my side while I was opening my box of goods and going through it excitedly, asking so many questions. “How does it work? Did you buy all of it? Who sent you this? Do you have to send it back? Is it expensive?” It was such a great feeling to redirect her to the flaps of the box, where Stitch Fix took their lovely and generous time to tell us the steps regarding what to do. (P.S. Stitch Fix has everything at a great price, one of the reasons why a personal stylist + stylish, amazing clothes and accessories + great price makes Stitch Fix an amazing find!)

These pants were beautiful, no doubt. They hugged my body greatly (made my butt look so cute!) and gave my legs a great shape. But I don’t wear colored denim, and if I do, they need to be perfect in every shape, way, and form. I take absolutely everything into consideration, and the thing that ruined it for me with these pants was the color. Everything was perfect, except the color – gosh darn it!

Sweater… Shirt… Two shirts… Hang-off-the-shoulder shirt… Blouse… Whatever it was, it was so beautiful. So soft and tight fitting. I loved the way the cut of the shirt was so very well thought of, the way it fit snuggly and hung in the perfect way off the shoulder. The length of the shirt also continued in sync with the side that was hanging off, very precise. I loved it. Now, as said before, I’m so picky with my clothes. Some of my clothes pet peeves are transparent or translucent shirts, something that has to make me wear something on the bottom. The most beautiful shirt in the world could be gifted to me, but if it’s translucent – no, thank you; I don’t want it. This shirt, even if it made me sad, was one of my pet peeves and I had to sadly let it go.

When I saw this sweater, I gasped. I was looking forward to trying it on, already loving everything about it and hoping with all my might that it would fit me. It did, and the bright red color of the sweater made me love it even more. It’s one of my absolute favorites now, and I’ve already worn it three times since I got it. Total match, Stitch Fix. Love ya!

Here I am wearing it - picture stolen from my Instagram.
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I was in the process of trying on my dress, when my mother walked into the room, and it was her turn to gasp. She fell in love with the dress, and continuously gushed about how I should really keep it. (Not something I was going to oppose!) Although it fit me big in the waist, I kept it and have decided to take it to my lovely aunt so she could ‘hack’ it for me. I even took the time to get some pictures with it taken by my mother, who was gushing about the dress the whole time the camera clicked.
The other item that wasn’t included here was the purse, which was way out of my taste and had to send it back along with the sweater-two blouse-translucent shirt and the colored jeans. 2/5 success for my first Stitch Fix, not bad at all!

I was referred to Stitch Fix by SomethingSwanky.

Convinced? Good! Try Stitch Fix, it is great and you will love it! Click here to start your experience.

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