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My Expierence with SHOPBOP


SHOPBOP has become one of my favorite stores of all time. They hold the most notorious designers at such a great price, and everything is still in their original, mint package when shipped to you.
Not to mention, their amazing and breathtaking minimalistic user-friendly website draws you in. It is almost fun browsing on their website and their products, trying to figure out what it is you want. And now that we are in the wanting section of the conversation, SHOPBOP has a special section at the bottom of whichever product it is you're looking at. The special section consists of a "You Can Pair This With" in giving you hints in what you could wear it with, in case you were already scratching your head trying to pair your latest find with something from your closet. 
The only downside to my package and experience was that my product came a day later than said, but all is well with no reason to fret because the shipping was free. Free? Yes, you heard it here first: SHOPBOP gave me my shipping free and it was marvelous not worrying about paying it. 

The PJ's I ordered from Juicy Couture came in a bag, with no wrinkles and with their own hangers as well. All I had to do was marvel at my product while I hung it in my closet. Furthermore, the box had a return pre-paid envelope if you wanted to return any of your products. Everything was very well thought out of, and I loved it. Definitely going to continue shopping in SHOPBOP.

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