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Marc Jacobs eReader Case


Did you guys know that I’m also guilty in love with Marc Jacobs and everything they offer? I seemed to fly to their products like a moth to a porch light on a starry night. No kidding!
While browsing through Zappos, I found this beautiful eReader case, at such a great price! It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. 
1.) It was from Marc Jacobs… God. I love it. 
2.) It was an eReader case, something I’ve been looking for, for about ages now!
There it was, an eReader from the perfect brand at a perfect price in a trusting website: Zappos. You can be best assured I sent that to my cart then off to my doorstep, and it was a great day for me once I got to open the box.
The case was splendid, if I must add. It has a velvet inside, which is perfect for everyone that owns an eReader and constantly worries about those ugly, annoying scratches gaining on the screen and interrupt your eyes as they read your favorite book. I was gushing about the inside for a good 2 minutes, then continued to gush about the outside for some 5 more.
The outside is so beautiful. Let’s leave it at that – I can stare at it for days. I already really like the pattern Marc Jacobs incorporates in his items: the randomized letters of M, A, R, C, J, B, and S. These are engraved onto the soft case, such a mystery to me as to how that was accomplished. Also, their logo, another shade of gray that coincides perfectly with the grey of the case, is so darn beautiful. On the side, in yet another of Marc Jacob’s incorporated ideas, where the screws in each corner of the logo. So very, very lovely. I loved this purchase! Everyone get it, Marc Jacobs will totally take care of your beloved eReader!

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