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Monogram App


This is the cutest app I own and have ever been obsessed with. No app is the cutest, sassiest, nor user-friendliest in the whole market. I mean, really – there is absolutely no competition for this bad boy.
Who ever created this is a genius, and I’m sure they don’t know it. This app is created to make your own monogram and then place that as either your lock screen or home screen wallpaper. However – drum roll please – you can use this app and their beautiful wallpapers (I think there might be a 100, and they’re all so cute!) as just that. As just wallpapers.
            I know, I know: that’s not what the app is for! Well, it also serves as that, okay. They have so many wallpapers, pretty much the cutest I’ve ever seen, that can go without monogramming into my phone. I love to show people my phone because this app’s wallpapers are the cutest I’ve stumbled upon.
            Not to mention that whoever made this wanted to keep in touch with whomever’s hands it fell upon. They are so user-friendly, with little details here and there that make your life so much easier. And the sass, oh, let’s talk about that sass. If I was to close a certain thing that app offered to me, it’d reply back to me with “Ok, bye.” Or if I turned down to e-mail them, they would reply back with “Single Tear”. It never fails to make me smile!
            Go ahead and get this app and I can assure you won’t regret it. If you do (which that would just make me think you’re suffering from a several mental case), you can go ahead and scream at me with your most creative profanity. Take my word for it – it’s amazing. 

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