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Chuck Taylor Red Converse


My obsession with Converse should be painfully obvious by now. I mean, could you really blame me for loving shoes that go great with everything? They’re seriously lifesavers. (Er – outfit savers? Take your choice!)
Anyways, I got these shoes on Sunday and wore them roughly three times this week, standing out in my shoe collection. I paired them up with my school uniform any moment I had and took them everywhere with me in case “an emergency fit for changing shoes came up.”
There is seriously nothing bad to say about these shoes. They don’t stain easily nor dirty easily, they are superbly comfortable, and very chic. I adore them! Add to the fact that red is one of my favorite colors so these shoes are just a win-win with me.
If I could, I’d buy you all red Converse, but I can’t (sadly), so I highly recommend you guys to get them! You will never regret that buy, I assure you this!

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