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Burberry Polarized Sunglasses


Burberry has been my complete obsession since the summer of 2010 while I was strolling on the luxury avenues of Italy. Coming upon that store completely ruined my life! Having just finished scoping Prada, Mont Blanc, and Diesel and finding absolutely nothing, I was just about to head onto the ice-cream parlor and find a chair to pass the time in the unbearable heat. My friend convinced me to do a last round up on the Burberry store, and my oh my.

I went up-stairs to check out their clothes and I fell in love. I sat in their upstairs lounge while my friend tried on clothes, and I was just looking around the store star struck. Nevertheless, once we went downstairs back again, that’s when I saw the belts and purses they had in the collection and instantly went to heaven. A Burberry belt was the reason that brand ruined my life, it is the brand with the most quality – for sure.
            Anyways, I picked these Burberry sunglasses the moment I saw them. I had been roaming around the mall and saw the glasses and just took out my wallet. (I swear, this brand is the end of me.)
            The first time I wore these glasses and had their case on my DKNY bag, I smelled like a horse veterinarian’s office. I reeked of leather! (Which is actually great, considering these brands are supposed to be of genuine leather.) 
The glasses fit snuggly into anyone’s face, and they don’t slip on a brusque head turn or jump. Yet, on a hot day, when your nose sweats just a bit, these glasses fall down. On a sunny day while you’re checking out your friend's shoes, these glasses are bound to fall right out and shatter into a million pieces on the concrete. If there is one thing I hate about an outfit, is being paranoid about what I’m wearing, regardless of what it is. Especially when living in Texas where it is hot all the time.
            Other than that, GO GET THESE GLASSES. They are amazing and they look so good on anyone’s face. Go from a casual, boring face to a daring, fashionista that looks confident on so many levels. They are great!

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