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Tommy Hilfiger Milan Skinny Jeans


Tommy Hilfiger took the ultimate prize with the Milan Skinny Jeans model. They are unbelievably soft for a jean; it almost feels like a crossbred of a pajama bottom and leggings.

           The waistline seems to hug the user’s waist, and not grab it and squeeze it. The waistline is nothing but very comfortable and gives into a little stretch when you sit down. The pocket designs are very well thought of, also. The pockets have the perfect depth for a phone, but not to deep as to look bulgy and ugly compared to the tightness of the jeans. The inside seams for the pockets are very cute, too! Such a cute, little detail!
 The bottoms of the jeans are of perfect length – this is coming from a tall girl! Where there is extra fabric to pinch up into the skinny design, it gathers up really nicely. It doesn’t just become a ball of fabric at your ankles; the crumpled part in fact looks rather nicely. It seems that everything was very well thought of.
 Tommy Hilfiger forgot one little issue, though. When the user sits down, the pants waist area creases up weirdly. The little, annoying creases makes the oh-so-fabulous skinny Milan legs turn into frivolous, weird-looking pair.
Apart from that minor step back (that can be easily avoided by not sitting down and just strutting your stuff as if you were in fact in Milan), the pants are highly recommended. Comfortable, cute, and chic; what else is there to want?

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