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Revlon Scented Nail Enamel: Gum Drop


Revlon’s color of choice for this was exactly what I was looking for. One of the biggest problems I face nail-polish shopping is to find the exact color I have on my mind. No one seems to get it right! It was to my utter shock and content that I saw this color, all on Revlon’s side of the store. Bought it right away!
 Once I got home and applied it, I noticed some things – some good, some bad. Good would totally be that delicious scent after it dries. I was looking around the kitchen looking for the scent; it was so delicious I had to eat whatever it was! Who would’ve though that delicious smell was coming from my own nails? Applying this nail polish was a blessing, it stays true to it’s color as it’s seen in the bottle. Doesn’t get darker nor doesn’t get lighter, it’s just right.
Although, if you want the perfect, smooth nails with this color and polish, you need a little hack to it. You need to put a base coat, let it dry (meanwhile, put the bottle in the freezer! Not refrigerator but the freezer, it gets better results!), and then apply. The cold from the freezer will not let any air bubbles happen. FYI, though, while we’re in the tip section for this polish: apply light coats! Apply a light coat first, let dry, and repeat this for about three times or until you’re content. Voila!
Now, the thing I really dislike about this polish that makes me cringe all day is the fact that it chips so much! Oh, want a popsicle? Your nail polish will chip while getting it. Want to reach for your favorite underwear in the back of your drawer? Your nail polish will come back looking like it just came from war, with half of the polish gone. What a bummer to such an almost perfect product.
Furthermore, there’s a tip for this, also! You’re going to need a bit of money for this, though. (Sorry about that! It pays in the long run with all polishes, I swear.) Acquire any kind of finish gel – I use the finish gel from Organic Products, by the way – and apply it to your nails once the polish is dry. Now, redirect your gel and nails to a UV nail lamp and let it dry.
            There you have it, a nice polish that won’t chip and is the perfect color with a delicious scent! What else is there to want, ladies?

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