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Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun


Hotels were made to make you feel like home away from home. Rui Palace Peninsula does just this, for two days. After those two days, you end up going to bed right after you have dinner, for there is nothing to do. It’s not a family hotel, let’s put it at that. The hotel is very good for romantic evenings with your special partner, soothing private dinners, and club-like parties. They had everything that couples seek for – you really didn’t need to get out of the hotel and explore Cancun.
            Back to families though, there wasn’t much. The only thing to do after dinner due to the pools closing at 7 p.m. for safety measures was to go to the sports bar.  They had arcade games that would link if you wanted to play against the person next you (one of my favorite things ever witnessed), pool tables, air hockey, snack bar, T.V’s, computers, foosball, and treats. It was such a good place to pass the time, but then again, for only two days. It got real boring and cramped after a while.
            After barely arriving in Cancun and in the beautiful hotel, of course you wouldn’t mind waiting for other people to finish their turn. After the second day, you’d get to thinking: “Why isn’t this place just bigger… It’s way too cramped for me.” On the third day, you were already hot headed of waiting and you’d head to your room to sleep in early. Not very opt for vacations, leave that for work and school!
            Nevertheless, the hotel hosted a lot of activities that were great for family bonding; my family and me had a great time with inside mini-golf. They hosted soccer games, scuba training, parasailing, pool games, ping pong tournaments, etc. It was really nice to be bored, head on to the activities board, and check out what you could find yourself doing for the day. 


By the way, the hotel staff is so incredibly nice. They were at attention at your every need at any time. If you were polite and said please and thank you to them, they’d reply with: “No problem, whatever you need, at your service ma’am/sir.” Oh, wow! It made me feel like royalty, to be honest. I’d look forwarding to ask for my drink refilled and saying thank you to them.
Furthermore, their rooms, one word: oh golly. If you are a family with two sons and daughter or vice versa, you will have trouble. This hotel hosts an area of absolutely no privacy! There is no room for the shower; you are forced to change inside the shower area. The bathtub has a curtain separator against the room, but it might as well be a handkerchief. It does absolutely nothing to not flash your guests toward your birthday suit, especially with mirrors in front of the tub.
I do recommend this hotel to you all; it is so beautiful and perfect for you if you are going to spend the whole time out and about in Cancun. Not very opt for a family, though, I’ll tell you that. (Although, the whole sleeping early after dinner might be the perfect recipe for a family. To each his own!) If you are a couple though, just looking for a nice, luxurious hotel to blow steam off, this is for you!

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