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Converse All Star Ox Black


Converse with skinny jeans, flared jeans, a skirt, or a dress, we all know Converse are great with everything! They come in all colors, patterns, and shapes and they are splendid! Not to mention how comfortable they are, by the way! Everywhere you go, every one recognizes that white front, but what about the eccentric converse? What about the eccentric all-black (even the front) pair that I own?

Oh, they are just great. Take my word for it, because seriously, they are awesome possum! Every one knows that owning a pair of black shoes – from pumps to sneakers – your life will forever be blessed with footwear. Black shoes go with anything, they seriously do. Now, pair black shoes that go with anything with Converse that fall under the same category? Perfect!
            I like to wear my Ox Black Converse with any dress I own. I never know what to wear my dresses with for one little pair of shoes can range it from cocktail party to stay at home. It’s never simply just casual. Just pairing my Converse with a dress makes my outfit look perfectly casual, and I love it.
            The only complaint that I have for these little, cute things is that they are so high-maintenance. I cannot walk anywhere without side-stepping even air because they’ll end up super dirty. I find myself cleaning them every time I wear them, which sometimes makes me want to not wear them. That right there is a no-bueno, because seriously, they’re the best!

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