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C&A Sunglasses


These sunglasses are so fashion savvy with such an affordable price, they’re basically a dream come true. Their design is conservative, chic, and modern all rolled into one. Their cost? Only $20 bucks, can you believe that?

C&A has always been one of my favorite stores, they hold such cute stuff with prizes that won’t leave anyone dry heaving after every purchase. Not to mention their ever-existing sales (those even hold the cutest things ever). I’m telling you – you can certainly hold me down to it – that store is absolute paradise!
Nevertheless, these glasses have their ups and downs as any other thing. It’s always those minor details that can bring a product from a well-deserved 10 to a get-this-thing-away-from-me 1. The things that hurt these glasses is what makes them turn heads in the first place.
These sunglasses have metal installed onto a ¼ of their sides. It looks so great; it’s what caught my attention to them off the rack. Nevertheless, these babies can rust and chip like no tomorrow! You can place them on the table and move them aside to place your food and you’re doomed. The scratches will begin to collect by every push and look so bad. These are some high maintenance glasses, that’s what they are.
Now, if you can handle this kind of stress and/or have great ways to take care of your merchandise, these are for you! Be a fashionista with sunglasses that never leave your fabulous hair, that’s a nice story to tell!  

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