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AWD Amsterdam Hoodie


It’s rather odd that I consider my visit to Amsterdam in 2011 extremely successful because of the hoodie souvenir I brought back home, or is it? I mean, I went into a little, cute shop and bought this hoodie and it’s become one of my favorites. Who would’ve guessed!
I never though that the hoodie that caught my attention at the corner of a small shop, in a tiny town in Amsterdam, would become my favorite. It has basically come to putting my room super cold just so I can cuddle with it. I absolutely adore it, I really do.
The only thing that makes this precious baby a 9.5 is that the sizing is all so horrible. I have a size small and it fits like a large, seriously? Then again, maybe that’s why I like it so much. Humph, that’s a head-scratcher. Point is, this hoodie is amazing! It’s the best souvenir I will ever own in my life, I bet you $10.

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